Dimensioning Drawings

Before I get to the good stuff (or boring for some, I doubt you would be reading this if you were in this group) I wanted to announce that we at J&Q will be changing the way we blog. Rather than having the blogs be the responsibility of one, we decided to rotate who writes.… Read More

Engineering Drawings II

Projections Engineering drawings have three common projection divisions. They are Axonometric, Oblique, and Perspective. Axonometric (Isometric, Dimetric, and Trimetric) These projections are orthographical and used to produce representative drawings of an object by rotating along one or more axes. They differ from Multi-view projections (Front, Right, Top) where there is a principal plane or axes… Read More

Engineering Drawings

What are Engineering Drawings Engineering graphics uses standards for layout, sheet size, line type, text size, symbols, and view projections to create drawings that can only be interpreted one way. While common drawings can serve many purposes and have many meanings, technical drawings include additional details to make sure they clearly and concisely communicate intent.… Read More